Source code for PIL.ImageDraw2

# The Python Imaging Library
# $Id$
# WCK-style drawing interface operations
# History:
# 2003-12-07 fl   created
# 2005-05-15 fl   updated; added to PIL as ImageDraw2
# 2005-05-15 fl   added text support
# 2005-05-20 fl   added arc/chord/pieslice support
# Copyright (c) 2003-2005 by Secret Labs AB
# Copyright (c) 2003-2005 by Fredrik Lundh
# See the README file for information on usage and redistribution.

(Experimental) WCK-style drawing interface operations

.. seealso:: :py:mod:`PIL.ImageDraw`
from __future__ import annotations

from . import Image, ImageColor, ImageDraw, ImageFont, ImagePath

[docs] class Pen: """Stores an outline color and width.""" def __init__(self, color: str, width: int = 1, opacity: int = 255) -> None: self.color = ImageColor.getrgb(color) self.width = width
[docs] class Brush: """Stores a fill color""" def __init__(self, color: str, opacity: int = 255) -> None: self.color = ImageColor.getrgb(color)
[docs] class Font: """Stores a TrueType font and color""" def __init__(self, color, file, size=12): # FIXME: add support for bitmap fonts self.color = ImageColor.getrgb(color) self.font = ImageFont.truetype(file, size)
[docs] class Draw: """ (Experimental) WCK-style drawing interface """ def __init__(self, image, size=None, color=None): if not hasattr(image, "im"): image =, size, color) self.draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image) self.image = image self.transform = None
[docs] def flush(self) -> Image.Image: return self.image
[docs] def render(self, op, xy, pen, brush=None): # handle color arguments outline = fill = None width = 1 if isinstance(pen, Pen): outline = pen.color width = pen.width elif isinstance(brush, Pen): outline = brush.color width = brush.width if isinstance(brush, Brush): fill = brush.color elif isinstance(pen, Brush): fill = pen.color # handle transformation if self.transform: xy = ImagePath.Path(xy) xy.transform(self.transform) # render the item if op == "line": self.draw.line(xy, fill=outline, width=width) else: getattr(self.draw, op)(xy, fill=fill, outline=outline)
[docs] def settransform(self, offset): """Sets a transformation offset.""" (xoffset, yoffset) = offset self.transform = (1, 0, xoffset, 0, 1, yoffset)
[docs] def arc(self, xy, start, end, *options): """ Draws an arc (a portion of a circle outline) between the start and end angles, inside the given bounding box. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.arc` """ self.render("arc", xy, start, end, *options)
[docs] def chord(self, xy, start, end, *options): """ Same as :py:meth:`~PIL.ImageDraw2.Draw.arc`, but connects the end points with a straight line. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.chord` """ self.render("chord", xy, start, end, *options)
[docs] def ellipse(self, xy, *options): """ Draws an ellipse inside the given bounding box. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.ellipse` """ self.render("ellipse", xy, *options)
[docs] def line(self, xy, *options): """ Draws a line between the coordinates in the ``xy`` list. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.line` """ self.render("line", xy, *options)
[docs] def pieslice(self, xy, start, end, *options): """ Same as arc, but also draws straight lines between the end points and the center of the bounding box. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.pieslice` """ self.render("pieslice", xy, start, end, *options)
[docs] def polygon(self, xy, *options): """ Draws a polygon. The polygon outline consists of straight lines between the given coordinates, plus a straight line between the last and the first coordinate. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.polygon` """ self.render("polygon", xy, *options)
[docs] def rectangle(self, xy, *options): """ Draws a rectangle. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.rectangle` """ self.render("rectangle", xy, *options)
[docs] def text(self, xy, text, font): """ Draws the string at the given position. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.text` """ if self.transform: xy = ImagePath.Path(xy) xy.transform(self.transform) self.draw.text(xy, text, font=font.font, fill=font.color)
[docs] def textbbox(self, xy, text, font): """ Returns bounding box (in pixels) of given text. :return: ``(left, top, right, bottom)`` bounding box .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.textbbox` """ if self.transform: xy = ImagePath.Path(xy) xy.transform(self.transform) return self.draw.textbbox(xy, text, font=font.font)
[docs] def textlength(self, text, font): """ Returns length (in pixels) of given text. This is the amount by which following text should be offset. .. seealso:: :py:meth:`PIL.ImageDraw.ImageDraw.textlength` """ return self.draw.textlength(text, font=font.font)