9.4.0 (2023-01-02)


Fix memory DOS in ImageFont

A corrupt or specially crafted TTF font could have font metrics that lead to unreasonably large sizes when rendering text in font. ImageFont.py did not check the image size before allocating memory for it. This dates to the PIL fork. Pillow 8.2.0 added a check for large sizes, but did not consider the case where one dimension is zero.

Null pointer dereference crash in ImageFont

Pillow attempted to dereference a null pointer in ImageFont, leading to a crash. An error is now raised instead. This has been present since Pillow 8.0.0.

API Additions

Added start position for getmask and getmask2

Text may render differently when starting at fractional coordinates, so FreeTypeFont.getmask() and FreeTypeFont.getmask2() now support a start argument. This tuple of horizontal and vertical offset will be used internally by ImageDraw.text() to more accurately place text at the xy coordinates.

Added the exact encoding option for WebP

The exact encoding option for WebP is now supported. The WebP encoder removes the hidden RGB values for better compression by default in libwebp 0.5 or later. By setting this option to True, the encoder will keep the hidden RGB values.

Added signed option when saving JPEG2000

If the signed keyword argument is present and true when saving JPEG2000 images, then tell the encoder to save the image as signed.

Added IFD, Interop and LightSource ExifTags enums

IFD has been added, allowing enums to be used with get_ifd():

from PIL import Image, ExifTags
im = Image.open("Tests/images/flower.jpg")

IFD1 can also be used with get_ifd(), but it should not be used in other contexts, as the enum value is only internally meaningful.

Interop has been added for tags within the Interop IFD:

from PIL import Image, ExifTags
im = Image.open("Tests/images/flower.jpg")
interop_ifd = im.getexif().get_ifd(ExifTags.IFD.Interop)
print(interop_ifd.get(ExifTags.Interop.InteropIndex))  # R98

LightSource has been added for values within the LightSource tag:

from PIL import Image, ExifTags
im = Image.open("Tests/images/iptc.jpg")
exif_ifd = im.getexif().get_ifd(ExifTags.IFD.Exif)
print(ExifTags.LightSource(exif_ifd[0x9208]))  # LightSource.Unknown


XMP data can now be decoded for WEBP images through getxmp().

Writing JPEG comments

When saving a JPEG image, a comment can now be written from info, or by using an argument when saving:

im.save(out, comment="Test comment")

Other Changes

Added support for DDS L and LA images

Support has been added to read and write L and LA DDS images in the uncompressed format, known as “luminance” textures.


In Pillow 9.1.0, the following constants were deprecated. That has been reversed and these constants will now remain available.

  • Image.NONE

  • Image.NEAREST

  • Image.ORDERED



  • Image.WEB

  • Image.ADAPTIVE

  • Image.AFFINE

  • Image.EXTENT


  • Image.QUAD

  • Image.MESH



  • Image.ROTATE_90

  • Image.ROTATE_180

  • Image.ROTATE_270



  • Image.BOX

  • Image.BILINEAR

  • Image.HAMMING

  • Image.BICUBIC

  • Image.LANCZOS