Fredrik Lundh#

This release is dedicated to the memory of Fredrik Lundh, aka Effbot, who died in November 2021. Fredrik created PIL in 1995 and he was instrumental in the early success of Python.

Guido wrote:

Fredrik was an early Python contributor (e.g. Elementtree and the ‘re’ module) and his enthusiasm for the language and community were inspiring for all who encountered him or his work. He spent countless hours on comp.lang.python answering questions from newbies and advanced users alike.

He also co-founded an early Python startup, Secret Labs AB, which among other software released an IDE named PythonWorks. Fredrik also created the Python Imaging Library (PIL) which is still THE way to interact with images in Python, now most often through its Pillow fork. His effbot.org site was a valuable resource for generations of Python users, especially its Tkinter documentation.

Thank you, Fredrik.

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

Python 3.6#

Pillow has dropped support for Python 3.6, which reached end-of-life on 2021-12-23.


PILLOW_VERSION has been removed. Use __version__ instead.

FreeType 2.7#

Support for FreeType 2.7 has been removed; FreeType 2.8 is the minimum supported.

We recommend upgrading to at least FreeType 2.10.4, which fixed a severe vulnerability introduced in FreeType 2.6 (CVE-2020-15999).

Image.show command parameter#

The command parameter has been removed. Use a subclass of PIL.ImageShow.Viewer instead.


Image._showxv has been removed. Use show() instead. If custom behaviour is required, use register() to add a custom Viewer class.


IOError was merged into OSError in Python 3.3. So, ImageFile.raise_ioerror has been removed. Use ImageFile.raise_oserror instead.

API Changes#

Added line width parameter to ImageDraw polygon#

An optional line width parameter has been added to ImageDraw.Draw.polygon.

API Additions#


If xdg-open is present on Linux, this new PIL.ImageShow.Viewer subclass will be registered. It displays images using the application selected by the system.

It is higher in priority than the other default PIL.ImageShow.Viewer instances, so it will be preferred by im.show() or ImageShow.show().

Added support for “title” argument to DisplayViewer#

Support has been added for the “title” argument in DisplayViewer, so that when im.show() or ImageShow.show() use the display command line tool, the “title” argument will also now be supported, e.g. im.show(title="My Image") and ImageShow.show(im, title="My Image").


Ensure JpegImagePlugin stops at the end of a truncated file#

JpegImagePlugin may append an EOF marker to the end of a truncated file, so that the last segment of the data will still be processed by the decoder.

If the EOF marker is not detected as such however, this could lead to an infinite loop where JpegImagePlugin keeps trying to end the file.

Remove consecutive duplicate tiles that only differ by their offset#

To prevent attempts to slow down loading times for images, if an image has consecutive duplicate tiles that only differ by their offset, only load the last tile. Credit to Google’s OSS-Fuzz project for finding this issue.

Restrict builtins available to ImageMath.eval#

CVE-2022-22817: To limit PIL.ImageMath to working with images, Pillow will now restrict the builtins available to PIL.ImageMath.eval(). This will help prevent problems arising if users evaluate arbitrary expressions, such as ImageMath.eval("exec(exit())").

Fixed ImagePath.Path array handling#

CVE-2022-22815 (CWE-126) and CVE-2022-22816 (CWE-665) were found when initializing ImagePath.Path.

Other Changes#

Convert subsequent GIF frames to RGB or RGBA#

Since each frame of a GIF can have up to 256 colors, after the first frame it is possible for there to be too many colors to fit in a P mode image. To allow for this, seeking to any subsequent GIF frame will now convert the image to RGB or RGBA, depending on whether or not the first frame had transparency.

Switched to libjpeg-turbo in macOS and Linux wheels#

The Pillow wheels from PyPI for macOS and Linux have switched from libjpeg to libjpeg-turbo. It is a fork of libjpeg, popular for its speed.

Because different JPEG decoders load images differently, JPEG pixels may be altered slightly with this change.

Added support for pickling TrueType fonts#

TrueType fonts may now be pickled and unpickled. For example:

import pickle
from PIL import ImageFont

font = ImageFont.truetype("arial.ttf", size=30)
pickled_font = pickle.dumps(font, protocol=pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)

# Later...
unpickled_font = pickle.loads(pickled_font)

Added support for additional TGA orientations#

TGA images with top right or bottom right orientations are now supported.