2.3.1 (2014-03-14)


These issues were reported in Debian bug #737059.

CVE-2014-1932: Fix insecure use of tempfile.mktemp()

The (1) load_djpeg function in JpegImagePlugin.py, (2) Ghostscript function in EpsImagePlugin.py, (3) load function in IptcImagePlugin.py, and (4) _copy function in Image.py in Pillow before 2.3.1 do not properly create temporary files, which allow local users to overwrite arbitrary files and obtain sensitive information via a symlink attack on the temporary file.

CVE-2014-1933: Fix insecure use of tempfile.mktemp()

The (1) JpegImagePlugin.py and (2) EpsImagePlugin.py scripts in Pillow before 2.3.1 uses the names of temporary files on the command line, which makes it easier for local users to conduct symlink attacks by listing the processes.