Backwards Incompatible Changes


PILLOW_VERSION has been removed. Use __version__ instead.

PIL.*ImagePlugin.__version__ attributes

The version constants of individual plugins have been removed. Use PIL.__version__ instead.

Removed Removed Removed
BmpImagePlugin.__version__ Jpeg2KImagePlugin.__version__ PngImagePlugin.__version__
CurImagePlugin.__version__ JpegImagePlugin.__version__ PpmImagePlugin.__version__
DcxImagePlugin.__version__ McIdasImagePlugin.__version__ PsdImagePlugin.__version__
EpsImagePlugin.__version__ MicImagePlugin.__version__ SgiImagePlugin.__version__
FliImagePlugin.__version__ MpegImagePlugin.__version__ SunImagePlugin.__version__
FpxImagePlugin.__version__ MpoImagePlugin.__version__ TgaImagePlugin.__version__
GdImageFile.__version__ MspImagePlugin.__version__ TiffImagePlugin.__version__
GifImagePlugin.__version__ PalmImagePlugin.__version__ WmfImagePlugin.__version__
IcoImagePlugin.__version__ PcdImagePlugin.__version__ XbmImagePlugin.__version__
ImImagePlugin.__version__ PcxImagePlugin.__version__ XpmImagePlugin.__version__
ImtImagePlugin.__version__ PdfImagePlugin.__version__ XVThumbImagePlugin.__version__
IptcImagePlugin.__version__ PixarImagePlugin.__version__  

PyQt4 and PySide

Qt 4 reached end-of-life on 2015-12-19. Its Python bindings are also EOL: PyQt4 since 2018-08-31 and PySide since 2015-10-14.

Support for PyQt4 and PySide has been removed from ImageQt. Please upgrade to PyQt5 or PySide2.

Setting the size of TIFF images

Setting the size of a TIFF image directly (eg. im.size = (256, 256)) throws an error. Use Image.resize instead.

API Changes




API Additions

Custom unidentified image error

Pillow will now throw a custom UnidentifiedImageError when an image cannot be identified. For backwards compatibility, this will inherit from IOError.

Other Changes


Implicitly closing the image’s underlying file in Image.__del__ has been removed. Use a context manager or call Image.close() instead to close the file in a deterministic way.

Previous method:

im = Image.open("hopper.png")

Use instead:

with Image.open("hopper.png") as im: