API Changes

Changed WebP default “method” value when saving

Previously, it was 0, for the best speed. The default has now been changed to 4, to match WebP’s default, for higher quality with still some speed optimisation.

Default resampling filter for special image modes

Pillow 7.0 changed the default resampling filter to Image.BICUBIC. However, as this is not supported yet for images with a custom number of bits, the default filter for those modes has been reverted to Image.NEAREST.

ImageMorph incorrect mode errors

For apply(), match() and get_on_pixels(), if the image mode is not L, an Exception was thrown. This has now been changed to a ValueError.

API Additions


Returns a resized version of the image, set to the maximum width and height within size, while maintaining the original aspect ratio.

To compare it to other ImageOps methods:

  • fit() expands an image until is fills size, cropping the parts of the image that do not fit.

  • pad() expands an image to fill size, without cropping, but instead filling the extra space with color.

  • contain() is similar to pad(), but it does not fill the extra space. Instead, the original aspect ratio is maintained. So unlike the other two methods, it is not guaranteed to return an image of size.



Other Changes