5.2.0 (2018-07-01)

API Changes


These version constants have been deprecated. VERSION will be removed in Pillow 6.0.0, and PILLOW_VERSION will be removed after that.

  • PIL.VERSION (old PIL version 1.1.7)




Use PIL.__version__ instead.

API Additions

3D color lookup tables

Support for 3D color lookup table transformations has been added.

Color3DLUT.generate transforms 3-channel pixels using the values of the channels as coordinates in the 3D lookup table and interpolating the nearest elements.

It allows you to apply almost any color transformation in constant time by using pre-calculated decimated tables.

Color3DLUT.transform() allows altering table values with a callback.

If NumPy is installed, the performance of argument conversion is dramatically improved when a source table supports buffer interface (NumPy && arrays in Python >= 3).


Previously Image.rotate only supported HSL color strings. Now HSB and HSV strings are also supported, as well as float values. For example, ImageColor.getrgb("hsv(180,100%,99.5%)").


ImageFile.get_format_mimetype has been added to return the MIME type of an image file, where available. For example, Image.open("hopper.jpg").get_format_mimetype() returns "image/jpeg".


A new method to return the size of multiline text, for example font.getsize_multiline("ABC\nAaaa")


A new named parameter, fillcolor, has been added to Image.rotate. This color specifies the background color to use in the area outside the rotated image. This parameter takes the same color specifications as used in Image.new.

TGA file format

Pillow can now read and write LA data (in addition to L, P, RGB and RGBA), and write RLE data (in addition to uncompressed).

Other Changes

Support added for Python 3.7

Pillow 5.2 supports Python 3.7.

Build macOS wheels with Xcode 6.4, supporting older macOS versions

The macOS wheels for Pillow 5.1.0 were built with Xcode 9.2, meaning 10.12 Sierra was the lowest supported version.

Prior to Pillow 5.1.0, Xcode 8 was used, supporting El Capitan 10.11.

Instead, Pillow 5.2.0 is built with the oldest available Xcode 6.4 to support at least 10.10 Yosemite.

Fix _i2f compilation with some GCC versions

For example, this allows compilation with GCC 4.8 on NetBSD.

Resolve confusion getting PIL / Pillow version string

Re: “version constants deprecated” listed above, as user gnbl notes in #3082:

  • it’s confusing that PIL.VERSION returns the version string of the former PIL instead of Pillow’s

  • ReadTheDocs documentation is missing for some version branches (why is this, will it ever change, …)

  • it’s confusing that PIL.version is a module and does not return the version information directly or hints on how to get it

  • the package information header is essentially useless (placeholder, does not even mention Pillow, nor the version)

  • PIL._version module documentation comment could explain how to access the version information

We have attempted to resolve these issues in #3083, #3090 and #3218.