3.2.0 (2016-04-01)

New DDS and FTEX Image Plugins

The DdsImagePlugin reading DXT1 and DXT5 encoded .dds images was added. DXT3 images are not currently supported.

The FtexImagePlugin reads textures used for 3D objects in Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos. The plugin reads a single texture per file, in the .ftc (compressed) and .ftu (uncompressed) formats.

Updates to the GbrImagePlugin

The GbrImagePlugin (GIMP brush format) has been updated to fix support for version 1 files and add support for version 2 files.

Passthrough Parameters for ImageDraw.text

ImageDraw.multiline_text and ImageDraw.multiline_size take extra spacing parameters above what are used in ImageDraw.text and ImageDraw.size. These parameters can now be passed into ImageDraw.text and ImageDraw.size and they will be passed through to the corresponding multiline functions.

ImageSequence.Iterator changes

ImageSequence.Iterator is now an actual iterator implementing the Iterator protocol. It is also now possible to seek to the first image of the file when using direct indexing.