8.0.0 (2020-10-14)

Backwards Incompatible Changes

Python 3.5

Pillow has dropped support for Python 3.5, which reached end-of-life on 2020-09-13.

PyPy 7.1.x

Pillow has dropped support for PyPy3 7.1.1. PyPy3 7.2.0, released on 2019-10-14, is now the minimum compatible version.


im.offset() has been removed, call ImageChops.offset() instead.

Image.fromstring, im.fromstring and im.tostring

  • Image.fromstring() has been removed, call Image.frombytes() instead.

  • im.fromstring() has been removed, call frombytes() instead.

  • im.tostring() has been removed, call tobytes() instead.

ImageCms.CmsProfile attributes

Some attributes in PIL.ImageCms.core.CmsProfile have been removed:


Use instead


Padded xcolor_space


Padded connection_space


Unicode copyright


Unicode profile_description


Unicode profile_description


Unicode manufacturer


Unicode model

API Changes

ImageDraw.text: stroke_width

Fixed issue where passing stroke_width with a non-zero value to ImageDraw.text() would cause the text to be offset by that amount.

ImageDraw.text: anchor

The anchor parameter of ImageDraw.text() has been implemented.

Use this parameter to change the position of text relative to the specified xy point. See Text anchors for details.

Add MIME type to PsdImagePlugin

“image/vnd.adobe.photoshop” is now registered as the PsdImagePlugin.PsdImageFile MIME type.

API Additions

Image.open: add formats parameter

Added a new formats parameter to Image.open():

  • A list or tuple of formats to attempt to load the file in. This can be used to restrict the set of formats checked. Pass None to try all supported formats. You can print the set of available formats by running python3 -m PIL or using the PIL.features.pilinfo() function.

ImageOps.autocontrast: add mask parameter

ImageOps.autocontrast() can now take a mask parameter:

  • Histogram used in contrast operation is computed using pixels within the mask. If no mask is given the entire image is used for histogram computation.

ImageOps.autocontrast cutoffs

Previously, the cutoff parameter of ImageOps.autocontrast() could only be a single number, used as the percent to cut off from the histogram on the low and high ends.

Now, it can also be a tuple (low, high).


A new method ImageDraw.regular_polygon(), draws a regular polygon of n_sides, inscribed in a bounding_circle.

For example draw.regular_polygon(((100, 100), 50), 5) draws a pentagon centered at the point (100, 100) with a polygon radius of 50.

ImageDraw.text: embedded_color

The methods ImageDraw.text() and ImageDraw.multiline_text() now support fonts with embedded color data.

To render text with embedded color data, use the parameter embedded_color=True.

Support for CBDT fonts requires FreeType 2.5 compiled with libpng. Support for SBIX fonts requires FreeType 2.5.1 compiled with libpng. Support for COLR fonts requires FreeType 2.10. SVG fonts are not yet supported.


Two new methods ImageDraw.textlength() and FreeTypeFont.getlength() were added, returning the exact advance length of text with 1/64 pixel precision.

These can be used for word-wrapping or rendering text in parts.


Three new methods ImageDraw.textbbox(), ImageDraw.multiline_textbbox(), and FreeTypeFont.getbbox() return the bounding box of rendered text.

These functions accept an anchor parameter, see Text anchors for details.

Other Changes

Improved ellipse-drawing algorithm

The ellipse-drawing algorithm has been changed from drawing a 360-sided polygon to one which resembles Bresenham’s algorithm for circles. It should be faster and produce smoother curves, especially for smaller ellipses.

ImageDraw.text and ImageDraw.multiline_text

Fixed multiple issues in methods ImageDraw.text() and ImageDraw.multiline_text() sometimes causing unexpected text alignment issues.

The align parameter of ImageDraw.multiline_text() now gives better results in some cases.

TrueType fonts with embedded bitmaps are now supported.

Added writing of subIFDs

When saving EXIF data, Pillow is now able to write subIFDs, such as the GPS IFD. This should happen automatically when saving an image using the EXIF data that it was opened with, such as in exif_transpose().

Previously, the code of the first tag of the subIFD was incorrectly written as the offset.

Error for large BMP files

Previously, if a BMP file was too large, an OSError would be raised. Now, DecompressionBombError is used instead, as Pillow already uses for other formats.

Dark theme for docs

The https://pillow.readthedocs.io documentation will use a dark theme if the user has requested the system use one. Uses the prefers-color-scheme CSS media query.