ImageShow Module

The ImageShow Module is used to display images. All default viewers convert the image to be shown to PNG format., title=None, **options)[source]

Display a given image.

  • image – An image object.

  • title – Optional title. Not all viewers can display the title.

  • **options – Additional viewer options.


True if a suitable viewer was found, False otherwise.

class PIL.ImageShow.IPythonViewer[source]

The viewer for IPython frontends.

class PIL.ImageShow.WindowsViewer[source]

The default viewer on Windows is the default system application for PNG files.

class PIL.ImageShow.MacViewer[source]

The default viewer on macOS using

class PIL.ImageShow.UnixViewer[source]

The following viewers may be registered on Unix-based systems, if the given command is found:

class DisplayViewer

The ImageMagick display command. This viewer supports the title parameter.

class GmDisplayViewer

The GraphicsMagick gm display command.

class EogViewer

The GNOME Image Viewer eog command.

class XVViewer

The X Viewer xv command. This viewer supports the title parameter.

PIL.ImageShow.register(viewer, order=1)[source]

The register() function is used to register additional viewers.

  • viewer – The viewer to be registered.

  • order – Zero or a negative integer to prepend this viewer to the list, a positive integer to append it.

class PIL.ImageShow.Viewer[source]

Base class for viewers.

show(image, **options)[source]

The main function for displaying an image. Converts the given image to the target format and displays it.

format = None

The format to convert the image into.

options = {}

Additional options used to convert the image.


Return format name, or None to save as PGM/PPM.

get_command(file, **options)[source]

Returns the command used to display the file. Not implemented in the base class.


Save to temporary file and return filename.

show_image(image, **options)[source]

Display the given image.

show_file(file, **options)[source]

Display the given file.