Source code for PIL._deprecate

from __future__ import annotations

import warnings

from . import __version__

[docs] def deprecate( deprecated: str, when: int | None, replacement: str | None = None, *, action: str | None = None, plural: bool = False, ) -> None: """ Deprecations helper. :param deprecated: Name of thing to be deprecated. :param when: Pillow major version to be removed in. :param replacement: Name of replacement. :param action: Instead of "replacement", give a custom call to action e.g. "Upgrade to new thing". :param plural: if the deprecated thing is plural, needing "are" instead of "is". Usually of the form: "[deprecated] is deprecated and will be removed in Pillow [when] (yyyy-mm-dd). Use [replacement] instead." You can leave out the replacement sentence: "[deprecated] is deprecated and will be removed in Pillow [when] (yyyy-mm-dd)" Or with another call to action: "[deprecated] is deprecated and will be removed in Pillow [when] (yyyy-mm-dd). [action]." """ is_ = "are" if plural else "is" if when is None: removed = "a future version" elif when <= int(__version__.split(".")[0]): msg = f"{deprecated} {is_} deprecated and should be removed." raise RuntimeError(msg) elif when == 11: removed = "Pillow 11 (2024-10-15)" elif when == 12: removed = "Pillow 12 (2025-10-15)" else: msg = f"Unknown removal version: {when}. Update {__name__}?" raise ValueError(msg) if replacement and action: msg = "Use only one of 'replacement' and 'action'" raise ValueError(msg) if replacement: action = f". Use {replacement} instead." elif action: action = f". {action.rstrip('.')}." else: action = "" warnings.warn( f"{deprecated} {is_} deprecated and will be removed in {removed}{action}", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=3, )