This page is documentation to the various fundamental size limits in the Pillow implementation.

Internal Limits#

  • Image sizes cannot be negative. These are checked both in Storage.c and

  • Image sizes may be 0. (Although not in 3.4)

  • Maximum pixel dimensions are limited to INT32, or 2^31 by the sizes in the image header.

  • Individual allocations are limited to 2GB in Storage.c

  • The 2GB allocation puts an upper limit to the xsize of the image of either 2^31 for ‘L’ or 2^29 for ‘RGB’

  • Individual memory mapped segments are limited to 2GB in map.c based on the overflow checks. This requires that any memory mapped image is smaller than 2GB, as calculated by y*stride (so 2Gpx for ‘L’ images, and .5Gpx for ‘RGB’

Format Size Limits#