Clear PPM half token after use#

Image files that are small on disk are often prevented from expanding to be big images consuming a large amount of resources simply because they lack the data to populate those resources.

PpmImagePlugin might hold onto the last data read for a pixel value in case the pixel value has not been finished yet. However, that data was not being cleared afterwards, meaning that infinite data could be available to fill any image size. This has been present since Pillow 9.2.0.

That data is now cleared after use.

Saving TIFF tag ImageSourceData#

If Pillow incorrectly saved the TIFF tag ImageSourceData as ASCII instead of UNDEFINED, a segmentation fault was triggered.

The correct tag type will now be used by default instead.



The PSFile class has been deprecated and will be removed in Pillow 11 (2024-10-15). This class was only made as a helper to be used internally, so there is no replacement. If you need this functionality though, it is a very short class that can easily be recreated in your own code.

API Additions#

QOI file format#

Pillow can now read images in Quite OK Image format.

Added dpi argument when saving PDFs#

When saving a PDF, resolution could already be specified using the resolution argument. Now, a tuple of (x_resolution, y_resolution) can be provided as dpi. If both are provided, dpi will override resolution.

Added corners argument to ImageDraw.rounded_rectangle()#

ImageDraw.rounded_rectangle() now accepts a keyword argument of corners. This a tuple of Booleans, specifying whether to round each corner, (top_left, top_right, bottom_right, bottom_left).

JPEG2000 comments and PLT marker#

When opening a JPEG2000 image, the comment may now be read into info. The comment keyword argument can be used to save it back again.

If OpenJPEG 2.4.0 or later is available and the plt keyword argument is present and true when saving JPEG2000 images, tell the encoder to generate PLT markers.

Other Changes#

Added support for saving PDFs in RGBA mode#

Using the JPXDecode filter, PDFs can now be saved in RGBA mode.

Improved I;16N support#

Support has been added for I;16N access, packing and unpacking. Conversion to and from L mode has also been added.

BGR;* modes#

It is now possible to create new BGR;15, BGR;16 and BGR;24 images. Conversely, BGR;32 has been removed from ImageMode and its associated methods, dropping the little support Pillow had for the mode.

With that, all modes listed under Modes can now be used to create a new image.