Deprecated since version 6.1.0.

Implicitly closing the image’s underlying file in Image.__del__ has been deprecated. Use a context manager or call Image.close() instead to close the file in a deterministic way.


im = Image.open("hopper.png")

Use instead:

with Image.open("hopper.png") as im:

API Additions#


Calculates and returns the entropy for the image. A bilevel image (mode “1”) is treated as a grayscale (“L”) image by this method. If a mask is provided, the method employs the histogram for those parts of the image where the mask image is non-zero. The mask image must have the same size as the image, and be either a bi-level image (mode “1”) or a grayscale image (“L”).


An optional include_layered_windows parameter has been added to ImageGrab.grab, defaulting to False. If true, layered windows will be included in the resulting image on Windows.


A new method to facilitate applying a given function to all frames in an image, or to all frames in a list of images. The frames are returned as a list of separate images. For example, ImageSequence.all_frames(im, lambda im_frame: im_frame.rotate(90)) could be used to return all frames from an image, each rotated 90 degrees.

Variation fonts#

Variation fonts are now supported, allowing for different styles from the same font file. ImageFont.FreeTypeFont has four new methods, PIL.ImageFont.FreeTypeFont.get_variation_names() and PIL.ImageFont.FreeTypeFont.set_variation_by_name() for using named styles, and PIL.ImageFont.FreeTypeFont.get_variation_axes() and PIL.ImageFont.FreeTypeFont.set_variation_by_axes() for using font axes instead. An IOError will be raised if the font is not a variation font. FreeType 2.9.1 or greater is required.

Other Changes#


This function is now supported. It returns the contents of an ImageTk.PhotoImage as an RGBA Image.Image instance.

Image quality for JPEG compressed TIFF#

The TIFF encoder accepts a quality parameter for jpeg compressed TIFF files. A value from 0 (worst) to 100 (best) controls the image quality, similar to the JPEG encoder. The default is 75. For example:

im.save("out.tif", compression="jpeg", quality=85)

Improve encoding of TIFF tags#

The TIFF encoder supports more types, especially arrays. This is required for the GeoTIFF format which encodes geospatial information.

  • Pass tagtype from v2 directory to libtiff encoder, instead of autodetecting type.

  • Use explicit types eg. uint32_t for TIFF_LONG to fix issues on platforms with 64-bit longs.

  • Add support for multiple values (arrays). Requires type in v2 directory and values must be passed as a tuple.

  • Add support for signed types eg. TIFFTypes.TIFF_SIGNED_SHORT.

Respect PKG_CONFIG environment variable when building#

This variable is commonly used by other build systems and using it can help with cross-compiling. Falls back to pkg-config as before.

Top-to-bottom complex text rendering#

Drawing text in the ‘ttb’ direction with ImageFont has been significantly improved and requires Raqm 0.7 or greater.