Source code for PIL.ImageSequence

# The Python Imaging Library.
# $Id$
# sequence support classes
# history:
# 1997-02-20 fl     Created
# Copyright (c) 1997 by Secret Labs AB.
# Copyright (c) 1997 by Fredrik Lundh.
# See the README file for information on usage and redistribution.

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Callable

from . import Image

[docs] class Iterator: """ This class implements an iterator object that can be used to loop over an image sequence. You can use the ``[]`` operator to access elements by index. This operator will raise an :py:exc:`IndexError` if you try to access a nonexistent frame. :param im: An image object. """ def __init__(self, im: Image.Image): if not hasattr(im, "seek"): msg = "im must have seek method" raise AttributeError(msg) = im self.position = getattr(, "_min_frame", 0) def __getitem__(self, ix: int) -> Image.Image: try: return except EOFError as e: msg = "end of sequence" raise IndexError(msg) from e def __iter__(self) -> Iterator: return self def __next__(self) -> Image.Image: try: self.position += 1 return except EOFError as e: msg = "end of sequence" raise StopIteration(msg) from e
[docs] def all_frames( im: Image.Image | list[Image.Image], func: Callable[[Image.Image], Image.Image] | None = None, ) -> list[Image.Image]: """ Applies a given function to all frames in an image or a list of images. The frames are returned as a list of separate images. :param im: An image, or a list of images. :param func: The function to apply to all of the image frames. :returns: A list of images. """ if not isinstance(im, list): im = [im] ims = [] for imSequence in im: current = imSequence.tell() ims += [im_frame.copy() for im_frame in Iterator(imSequence)] return [func(im) for im in ims] if func else ims