Source code for PIL.ImageMode

# The Python Imaging Library.
# $Id$
# standard mode descriptors
# History:
# 2006-03-20 fl   Added
# Copyright (c) 2006 by Secret Labs AB.
# Copyright (c) 2006 by Fredrik Lundh.
# See the README file for information on usage and redistribution.
from __future__ import annotations

import sys
from functools import lru_cache

[docs] class ModeDescriptor: """Wrapper for mode strings.""" def __init__( self, mode: str, bands: tuple[str, ...], basemode: str, basetype: str, typestr: str, ) -> None: self.mode = mode self.bands = bands self.basemode = basemode self.basetype = basetype self.typestr = typestr def __str__(self) -> str: return self.mode
[docs] @lru_cache def getmode(mode: str) -> ModeDescriptor: """Gets a mode descriptor for the given mode.""" # initialize mode cache endian = "<" if sys.byteorder == "little" else ">" modes = { # core modes # Bits need to be extended to bytes "1": ("L", "L", ("1",), "|b1"), "L": ("L", "L", ("L",), "|u1"), "I": ("L", "I", ("I",), endian + "i4"), "F": ("L", "F", ("F",), endian + "f4"), "P": ("P", "L", ("P",), "|u1"), "RGB": ("RGB", "L", ("R", "G", "B"), "|u1"), "RGBX": ("RGB", "L", ("R", "G", "B", "X"), "|u1"), "RGBA": ("RGB", "L", ("R", "G", "B", "A"), "|u1"), "CMYK": ("RGB", "L", ("C", "M", "Y", "K"), "|u1"), "YCbCr": ("RGB", "L", ("Y", "Cb", "Cr"), "|u1"), # UNDONE - unsigned |u1i1i1 "LAB": ("RGB", "L", ("L", "A", "B"), "|u1"), "HSV": ("RGB", "L", ("H", "S", "V"), "|u1"), # extra experimental modes "RGBa": ("RGB", "L", ("R", "G", "B", "a"), "|u1"), "BGR;15": ("RGB", "L", ("B", "G", "R"), "|u1"), "BGR;16": ("RGB", "L", ("B", "G", "R"), "|u1"), "BGR;24": ("RGB", "L", ("B", "G", "R"), "|u1"), "LA": ("L", "L", ("L", "A"), "|u1"), "La": ("L", "L", ("L", "a"), "|u1"), "PA": ("RGB", "L", ("P", "A"), "|u1"), } if mode in modes: base_mode, base_type, bands, type_str = modes[mode] return ModeDescriptor(mode, bands, base_mode, base_type, type_str) mapping_modes = { # I;16 == I;16L, and I;32 == I;32L "I;16": "<u2", "I;16S": "<i2", "I;16L": "<u2", "I;16LS": "<i2", "I;16B": ">u2", "I;16BS": ">i2", "I;16N": endian + "u2", "I;16NS": endian + "i2", "I;32": "<u4", "I;32B": ">u4", "I;32L": "<u4", "I;32S": "<i4", "I;32BS": ">i4", "I;32LS": "<i4", } type_str = mapping_modes[mode] return ModeDescriptor(mode, ("I",), "L", "L", type_str)