Source code for PIL.GdImageFile

# The Python Imaging Library.
# $Id$
# GD file handling
# History:
# 1996-04-12 fl   Created
# Copyright (c) 1997 by Secret Labs AB.
# Copyright (c) 1996 by Fredrik Lundh.
# See the README file for information on usage and redistribution.

# NOTE: This format cannot be automatically recognized, so the
# class is not registered for use with  To open a
# gd file, use the function instead.

# implementation is provided for convenience and demonstrational
# purposes only.

from . import ImageFile, ImagePalette
from ._binary import i8, i16be as i16, i32be as i32

__version__ = "0.1"

# Image plugin for the GD uncompressed format.  Note that this format
# is not supported by the standard <b></b> function.  To use
# this plugin, you have to import the <b>GdImageFile</b> module and
# use the <b></b> function.

[docs]class GdImageFile(ImageFile.ImageFile): format = "GD" format_description = "GD uncompressed images" def _open(self): # Header s = if not i16(s[:2]) in [65534, 65535]: raise SyntaxError("Not a valid GD 2.x .gd file") self.mode = "L" # FIXME: "P" self._size = i16(s[2:4]), i16(s[4:6]) trueColor = i8(s[6]) trueColorOffset = 2 if trueColor else 0 # transparency index tindex = i32(s[7+trueColorOffset:7+trueColorOffset+4]) if tindex < 256:["transparency"] = tindex self.palette = ImagePalette.raw( "XBGR", s[7+trueColorOffset+4:7+trueColorOffset+4+256*4]) self.tile = [("raw", (0, 0)+self.size, 7+trueColorOffset+4+256*4, ("L", 0, 1))]
[docs]def open(fp, mode="r"): """ Load texture from a GD image file. :param filename: GD file name, or an opened file handle. :param mode: Optional mode. In this version, if the mode argument is given, it must be "r". :returns: An image instance. :raises IOError: If the image could not be read. """ if mode != "r": raise ValueError("bad mode") try: return GdImageFile(fp) except SyntaxError: raise IOError("cannot identify this image file")